High School Handbook

The Beddow Philosophy

We believe that every student should be encouraged to develop excellent academic skills, a love of learning, and a sense of responsibility for his/her own education.  Most importantly, we believe that we must provide a challenging curriculum and opportunities for exploration and self-initiated study.  We steadfastly uphold the expectation that hard work, cooperation, and respect will form the foundation for high academic achievement.


  • To provide an environment which is student oriented and conducive to achieving academic and social success;
  • To foster student growth in self-discipline and independence within the classroom setting;
  • To establish a positive atmosphere in which home/school communication leads to growth of the staff’s understanding of individual student needs and parental knowledge of the school’s philosophy.


Admission is on the basis of application and interview, entrance exam, submission of a portfolio (or writing sample), transcript from previous schools attended, and recommendations from the student’s current math and English teachers. The  Beddow High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Applicants must demonstrate that they are capable of maintaining and succeeding in a junior/senior high school with a challenging college preparatory curriculum.

A $50 non-refundable interview fee is payable in advance.  When classes are full, applicants are placed on a waiting list.

The following forms must be on file at the school before the student’s first day of attendance:

  • Enrollment agreement
  • Student/Parent Handbook Understanding & Acknowledgement
  • Current Emergency Information Form, signed and dated
  • Current/up-to-date Immunization Certificate
  • P.E., Transportation, Field Trip Permission,
  • Permission to Drive to School (if applicable)
  • Athletic Participation, Parental Consent
  • Physical Exam for new students only

School Hours and Schedule

School hours are 8:20 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The class schedule consists of six periods as follows:

First Period  8:30 AM  9:30 AM
Second Period  9:30 AM 10:30 AM
Third Period 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
Lunch 11:30 AM 12:00 PM
Fourth Period 12:00 PM  1:00 PM
Fifth Period   1:00 PM   2:00 PM
Sixth Period   2:00 PM   2:50 PM
Dismissal   3:00 PM

Students must vacate the school grounds by 3:10 p.m. unless they are participating in a school activity.  Parents must notify the school if they are going to be late picking up a student.  If a parent is going to be late, other arrangements must be made so that the student is picked up on time.  The Beddow School staff will not be responsible for students who are not picked up by 3:10 p.m. 

Attendence and Tardiness

Students are expected to attend school daily.  If it becomes necessary to be absent from school, the student is expected to do the following:

1.  On the day of return, bring a note signed by a parent or guardian stating the date and reason for the absence.

2.  Submit the written excuse to the office.  A student will be admitted to classes without a note, however, the absence will then be classified as “unexcused” and noted on the student’s permanent record.

3.  Take responsibility for confirming with each subject teacher as to his/her specific policy regarding submission and/or completion of missed assignments, tests, etc.

4.  Do not call the school office in the morning for homework assignments. It is best to call a fellow classmate after school hours to get the assignments for a class for that particular day.

5.  Homework assignments that are due at the beginning of the day will not be accepted if a student arrives late for class without a written note from his/her physician.

A student arriving at school after 8:30 a.m. is considered tardy and should bring a written note stating the reason for tardiness.  Students are expected to report to each class on time.  Loitering at lockers, bathrooms, etc, constitutes tardiness if the student arrives late to class.  A late pass will be required after the scheduled start time of a class and the tardiness will be noted in the student’s permanent record.

Arrivals after 10:00 a.m. constitute a half-day absence.

Departures earlier than 2:15 p.m. constitute a half-day absence.

Student illness, extreme family emergency, death in the family, or fire constitutes an excused absence.

Students will not be permitted to make up exams or turn in homework assignments that are missed because of an unexcused absence, late arrival, non-school vacation, or visit to another school.

Homework assignments or research papers will not be accepted if a student arrives late without a doctor’s note on the due date.

In determining the total number of days in attendance, two half-days absent will be counted as one full day absent.  Absences and tardiness will be noted in a student’s permanent record.  Parents are urged to make routine dental or medical appointments during non-school hours.

Promotion Standards

To be promoted to the next grade level, high school students must have earned a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a passing grade in each major subject, (English, math, science, foreign language, and history).

The Beddow Jr./Sr. High School will not promote a failing student or adjust a failing student’s grade unless the student repeats the failed course to the satisfaction of the Beddow School.  If a student transfers to another school and completes and passes a summer course, it is at the discretion of the school that the student is entering to promote the student.

The grading scale is as follows:

90 – 100      =      A

80 –   89      =      B

70 –   79      =      C

60 –   69      =      D

Below 60     =      F

Graduation Requirements

An academic credit/unit is defined as the satisfactory completion of a course that includes a total of 120 hours of instructional time. Only students in grades 9 – 12 may receive high school credit for any particular subject.

In order to graduate, a student must earn a minimum of twenty-four credits / units which must include the major subjects listed below, physical education, and the requisite electives offered in a particular school year.

4  units English
4  units Math
4  units Science
4  units Social Studies (one must be U.S. History)
4  units Foreign Language

Physical Education is required for each student each year and will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

In a standard schedule, major subject classes meet four times per week.

In addition to the aforementioned academic requirements, each student is required to perform a minimum of forty community service hours between grades nine and twelve.  The guidelines governing the earning of community service hours are as follows:

  • Service may be performed in a school, church, hospital,  nursing home, or for a non-profit organization.
  • Hours performed at home or for a relative will not be accepted.
  • A student may not be compensated in any way for community service.
  • A verification form must be completed for each claim.
  • Community service must not be performed during regular school hours.

If you are not sure if the service you have selected is acceptable, check with the principal prior to performing the activity.  To ensure accuracy in record keeping, certification forms must be returned to the school office upon completion of the service.

Reporting and Monitoring Student Progress

The school year is divided into Semester One and Semester Two.  Student report cards are issued at the end of the first semester in late January and in June, at the end of the second semester.

If you feel a conference with a teacher is necessary, you must first schedule an appointment through the school office.  In order to avoid interrupting the instructional program, each teacher is available for conferences after school when possible.  Please contact the school office if a conference is desired and arrangements will be made.

The principal is available for parent conferences.  Parents may also pre-arrange telephone conferences in situations when a school conference has not been mandated by the principal or teacher.   Parents are asked to respect the teachers’ valuable class time.  Conferences must be scheduled in advance through the office.  Please do not go directly to the teacher to schedule conferences or request recommendations, records, etc.

Curriculum/Subjects Taught

The curriculum is on file in the school office and can be referenced upon request.

Subjects for the 2018-2019  school year are as follows:

MAJOR SUBJECTS – (1 credit)

English Composition & Literature, Composition, European Literature, British & American Literature

Geography, World History

Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II

Chemistry, Physical Science

Latin I, II; Spanish I, II

MINOR SUBJECTS – (1/8 to 1/2 credit)

Physical Education and rotating electives

 Instructors   Subject
 Beddow, Trudy  Latin
 Harper, Lee  History
Jackson, Linda  Math and Science
 Mandley, Niki  Art, Environmental Science, and PE
 Martinez, Lila  English

Daily Operational Procedures

A.  Lockers

The school assigns a locker for each student.  There is no fee for use of a locker, and it remains the property of the school. Students are expected to follow all guidelines governing the use of a locker:

  1. Lockers should be kept clean.
  2. No articles of any kind can protrude from lockers.
  3. Carryout food containers or partially consumed food cannot be stored in lockers.
  4. Backpacks are not allowed in class and must be stored in the locker.  For safety reasons, backpacks left on the floor will be placed in the office.
  5. Students are permitted to enter lockers before 8:30 a.m., before lunch, after lunch, before and after PE class and at 3:00 p.m. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to enter their lockers between classes or during classes without a hall pass.
  6. Valuables, such as money or jewelry, should be kept on your person and not in lockers.
  7. Students may not use an unassigned locker without permission from the school.
  8. Locks are not permitted.

The school reserves the right to enter a student’s locker at any time.   A student is not permitted to enter a locker other than his/her assigned locker. Any violation of the above guidelines will result in forfeiture of locker privileges.

B.  Hall Passes

  1. Students are not allowed in the hallway, locker area, or lavatory without authorization (hall pass).
  2. Students are expected to go directly from class to class.  If it is necessary to use the lavatory, students are to report to their class first and then ask to be excused.  If a teacher grants a student permission to leave class, the teacher will issue a pass showing the name, date, time, and destination of the student.
  3. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to leave a classroom without a hall pass from his/her teacher.

C.  Multi-purpose Room/Lunch

  1. Students are expected to bring lunch daily.  Lunches should be packed in a leak-proof, insulated bag or standard lunch box.  Lunches brought in paper bags, carryout containers holding partially consumed foods, or open drinks may not be stored in lockers after lunch and therefore are not recommended.  Carbonated beverages in  thermoses or glass bottles are not permitted.
  2. The school does not provide a refrigerator for student use.  It is recommended that students use hot or cold packs to keep food at desired temperatures. Microwaves are available for student use.  In order to allow time for all students to use the microwaves, warming time should be limited to 2 or 3 minutes.
  3. Students are expected to leave tables, chairs, and floor free from spilled foods and to empty all refuse into the trash receptacle.
  4. A vending machine is available for student use.  The machine may be used before and after school and during lunch time, not during class time.
  5. Horseplay is not permitted in the lunch room.
  6. Students are to eat lunch in the multi-purpose room, not in the classrooms.  Drinking, snacking, and gum chewing is not permitted in the classrooms or locker rooms.  Water bottles are permitted in class.

D.  Dress Code

The dress code is intended to enhance positive values, improve social deportment, and reinforce a sense of academic purpose.   Each student is expected to dress in a manner which reflects the serious purpose of education. The school reserves the right to require any student wearing clothes disruptive to the educational process to change to more appropriate school dress.  Clothing may be deemed disruptive if it is revealing, immodest, or likely to attract undue attention for any other reason.  Shop at www.frenchtoast.com to purchase Beddow School approved uniforms  using our School Code: QS5SWBR  or use  the following link: 


BEDDOW HIGH SCHOOL DRESS CODE –  The following dress code will be strictly enforced:

All students should have at least one navy blazer, khaki skirt or pants, and a white oxford shirt/blouse for field trips. Additional uniform items include:

BOYS AND GIRLS SHIRTS/BLOUSES – Uniform solid white, yellow or light blue Oxford or Polo shirts or Ribbon Bow Blouse * Shirt sleeves may be short, ¾ , or long.  NO SLEEVELESS SHIRTS  * Sweaters, cardigans, blazers and vests are permitted.

BOYS PANTS – Uniform solid khaki or navy blue pants * No oversized pants or low-rise waist –   Must be  traditional waist and worn above the hips.    Belts will be required for those who cannot keep pants at their waist level.

GIRLS SKIRTS – Solid khaki or navy blue shorts, skirts, dresses, skorts – must be longer than the edge of your fingertips with arms at your sides.

SHOES – Solid brown topsider-styled boat shoes, solid brown or black ballet flats, tan suede bucks, or brown or black penny loafers.

SOCKS– White or black socks above the ankle with shorts.  Solid navy blue or solid white knee socks with skirts.

TIGHTS – Solid white or solid navy blue tights with skirts.

Belt – Brown dress belt (solid, weave or khaki canvas/leather)

NOT ALLOWED – Flip-flops, mules, Crocs, house slippers, scuffs, shoes with heels in excess of two inches (ladies), hooded attire, leggings with short skirts, scoop neck or low V-neck shirts (ladies), sweatshirts (for PE only) chains hanging from clothing, glitter, sequins, safety pins used to gather the back of shirt, excessively tight clothing. Athletic or sport themed attire is not permitted. Undergarments may not be exposed in any manner.

TATTOOS – Tattoos may not be exposed during school hours or school functions.

1. For safety reasons students MUST wear athletic shoes for physical education class and for outdoor class activities.  Athletic shoes must be readily available for some science classes.  Shoes must be worn at all times during school hours or for any school activities.

2. Because of the fluctuation in temperature during the school year, students may wear a lightweight sweater, fleece jacket or blazer in class.  Outdoor coats, raincoats, leather jackets,  or sweat shirts may not be worn indoors. Students are urged to dress in layers during the colder months.

3. Except for religious reasons, male or female students will not be allowed to wear hats or head wear of any kind in the building. Girls are permitted to wear hair bands.

4. Sunglasses may not be worn in the classroom.

VIOLATIONS – The following will be the disciplinary policy regarding violation of the dress code:

  • Administrative conference and correction of the problem (Change or turn clothing inside out).
  • We will make every effort to provide the violating student with loaner clothing in order to return to class.  Inappropriate clothing will be labeled and can be picked up after school from the office.
  • Administrator will call home to inform parents and a disciplinary notice will be sent home and kept in the student’s file.
  • A student with a major violation will wait for parents to bring proper attire.  If parents cannot bring proper attire, the student will remain in the office for the remainder of the day.
  • Repeat offenders may be suspended.

E. Electronic Devices

  1. The following devices are not allowed in class: radios, electronic toys, gameboys, CD players, gadgets, pagers, PDAs, MP3’s, IPODS, iPhones, etc. Electronic equipment must be turned off if it is in the building and must be kept in the locker.
  2. Alarms on wristwatches should be turned off during school hours.
  3. Cellular phones  must be TURNED OFF and must be checked in the phone box upon arrival at school. Cell phones are not permitted in the classrooms and may not be worn on belts or carried in purses or kept in lockers during school hours. Students may collect their cell phones from the teacher on duty during dismissal at the end of the day.
  4. Personal lap-top computers or notebooks may be used in class with the permission of the teacher and in view of the teacher. Personal computers are to be used for school work only, not for games, music, internet, viewing photographs, or personal e-mail. Computer privileges  at school will be denied to any student who uses a computer for anything other than school work. Beddow School is not responsible for damage or theft of personal computers.
  5. Cameras are not to be used during the regular school day, except in class, under the supervision of a teacher. Yearbook committee members have permission to take photographs during the school year and may enter classrooms to take photographs.

Student Discipline

A. The following acts warrant disciplinary action:

  1. Fighting or acts that intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical injury or harm to another person.
  2. Willful damaging of school property, theft of any kind.
  3. Insubordination or repeated failure to comply with the lawful orders of the principal, teacher, or other authorized employee while students are under such person’s authority.
  4. Leaving the building or school grounds without authorization.
  5. Use of profanity, ethnic slurs, or vulgarity.
  6. Forging signatures or cheating.
  7. Smoking.
  8. Public displays of affection and/or inappropriate personal interaction.
  9. Inappropriate use of computers in school (i.e. games, chat room, music, photo libraries, un-supervised internet use).
  10. Harassment.
  11. Possession of a cell phone  in class or during an exam will result in a zero for  all classes, exams, or quizzes for the day.
  12. Talking during an examination period is grounds for dismissal from that exam and will result in a grade of zero.
  13. Tampering with, altering, or otherwise forging official school documents, e.g. report cards, is a serious offense which will result in disciplinary action that could result in expulsion.
  14. Leaving the classroom without authorization.

B.  Suspension – A parent conference may be held for an infraction of an act listed in Student Discipline A. Families will be assessed for damages to school property.

C.  Acts Warranting Dismissal (Expulsion) – The Beddow School reserves the right to dismiss a student for cause, and the following acts are grounds for immediate dismissal:

  1. possession of alcohol, drugs, or weapons
  2. any unauthorized taking of school property or property belonging to another person
  3. repeated commission of any act for which a suspension was served
  4. forging of any official school document

Submission of Tuition Payments

A. The payments are due according to the terms of your enrollment agreement.  A copy of this agreement was given to you at the time of enrollment.

B.  Tuition payments must be made through FACTS tuition management. Use portal on the school’s website to enroll in FACTS. Late payment fee is $50.

C. If tuition is in arrears, any payment will first be applied to the outstanding balance before being applied to the current obligation.

D.  Under no circumstance will student transcripts and records be released for a student with an outstanding or delinquent account.

E.  Checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds must be replaced with cash or money order and will incur a $30 NSF fee.   Families who have one NSF check within the school year must pay their remaining tuition with cash or by money order. If you have been assessed an additional fee (late fee, book fee, field trip, etc.) the fee must be paid within 7 days of notification. If not paid within the 7 day period, the student may not return to school until paid.

F.  A student will not be permitted to attend school if his/her tuition is over 30 days in arrears.  A student will not be permitted to attend school after Feb. 1 unless all of his or her financial obligations have been met.  Payments after this date must be made in cash or money order.

Inclement Weather and School Closings

The Beddow High School follows Prince George’s County school closings only for inclement weather.  If Prince George’s County announces that schools will open or close early, we will maintain our normal schedule.  Beddow students are expected to report to classes at 8:30  a.m.

The Beddow High School does not open late or close early due to inclement weather.  Please note that the Beddow High School does not close when Prince George’s County Schools are closed for teacher meetings, conferences, or in-service training.

In the event of severe weather and if Prince George’s County closes for more than two days, Beddow School will post an announcement on the web site home page and/or WJLA TV 7 stating the date we will resume classes. However, due to the chance of a power outage during the storm, the web site might not be available to update and you should be aware of this. We will make every possible effort to keep you updated.

Please do not call the school or Beddow School staff members at home to inquire about school closings.

Fire Drills

A.  Fire drills are held throughout the school year.  The drills are necessary to ensure that, in the event of a real fire or emergency, the building will be evacuated in minimum time.

B.  Students are expected to follow the teacher’s directions, to refrain from talking and to move quickly to the pre-designated exit.  The fire escape plan is posted in each room.

C.  Students are expected to remain with the teacher during the drill and must not return to the classroom until directed to do so.


Maryland State Regulation does not permit school personnel to administer prescription or non-prescription medication to students.  It is the parent’s responsibility to administer necessary medication before the student arrives at school.  Students are not permitted to bring medications to school.  This includes prescription and non-prescription medication.

Student/Teacher Ratio, Class Size

A.  Students in all grades will have one teacher per class.

B.  Except for special trips and occasions, class size will average 15 or fewer students.


 Trudy Beddow MAT Wesleyan University
AB Wilson College
Lee Harper AB Bowdoin College
Linda Jackson BA Howard University
Niki Mandley BA Salisbury University
Lila Martinez BA University at Albany

Administrative Head

Trudy Beddow
MAT Wesleyan University
AB Wilson College

Physical Education Attire

Students will be permitted to go to their lockers before and after PE class in order to change from their regular school clothes into their PE uniforms. Students will be allowed five minutes to change clothes and must not be late to class. Tardiness to class will affect a student’s grade. Students who do not dress properly for PE will receive a zero for that class. Three zeros will result in failure of the course. PE uniforms are required and may not be borrowed from other students.

School Year

The code of Maryland Regulations specifies that non-public schools must offer no fewer than 170 days of attendance per school year.  We have scheduled 173 days.


A current immunization record must be on file at the school before a student will be permitted to attend classes.  Immunizations and tetanus shots must be up-to-date.

Fragrances / Colognes / Perfumes

For health reasons, the use of colognes, perfumes, aerosol deodorants, body sprays, and strong, fragrant lotions are prohibited.  Non-aerosol deodorants and antiperspirants are permitted.

Transcript Release Requests / Letters of Recommendation

Transcripts, medical records, letters of recommendation and test scores will be mailed to other schools and universities upon request at no charge for the first request.  There will be a fee of $1.00 per page, paid in advance, for duplicate requests of transcripts that have already been sent to one school.  Parents must notify Beddow School in advance (at least one week) and must provide a signed release giving the school permission to transfer student records.  These releases are usually provided by the transfer school. 

Records will be forwarded upon written request of the new school, provided all financial obligations have been met. Transfer records or teacher recommendations must be mailed or faxed by Beddow School directly to the transfer school.  This includes college recommendations.

Report cards will be mailed to parents at the end of the school year.  There will be a fee of $1.00 for each duplicate copy of a report card.  Report cards are valid only if they display the signature of the principal.

Transcripts and report cards will not be released for students with an outstanding balance (late fees, tuition, extended day, damage fees, etc).

Field Trips

Field trips are part of a student’s educational program.  Students who attend field trips do so as a privilege.  A field trip is not considered a holiday and all students are expected to attend.   For the safety of others and the well being of a group attending a field trip, this privilege will be denied to a student who has had disciplinary or behavioral problems during the school year.

Personal Messages

Students are not permitted to take personal phone calls during the school day or to use cell phones during school hours. Families are asked not to call the school to deliver personal messages to students during the school day.

Web Site – www.thethebeddowschool.org

Due to parent request, paper newsletters will no longer be sent home with students.  All information will be posted on our web site.

School Contact Information

Trudy Beddow, Principal
Phone (301) 567- 0330

Curtistene Crawford  Administrative Assistant
Phone (301)567-0330

NOTE: To contact Beddow High School staff via email, use their first initial and last name@thebeddowschool.org. The names of the teachers are listed under Faculty above. When contacting staff, please include a cc to tbeddow@thebeddowschool.org.